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Founded on June 12th of 2018, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone (district near port) Flight Service Centre has obtained airspace of 30 square kilometers, flight height of 300 meters and two-way runway with east-west direction and south-north direction, which can meet the flight requirement of many unmanned aerial vehicles like rotorcraft, fix-winged craft and helicopter.It is the only supporter which can provide professional industrial service like airspace use, plan application and qualification testing and identification in the range of 200 kilometers radius of Beijing. Since the foundation, the flight service center has established business cooperation with more than 30 famous companies such as Aerospace Science and Technology Institute, Beijing ZhongHangZhi Technology Co .,Ltd, Zero Tech(Beijing) Intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd, Efy Technology Co.,Ltd, Foxtech Co.,Ltd, Tianjin Aurora UAV Technology Co., Ltd and over 150 times of flight test have been finished here.There is a UAV exhibition communication center of 2500 square kilometers where promotion activities like new product events of many companies have been held successfully.
Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone has launched many industry promotion policies such as tax policy, finance support and talent reward and etc. to make the flight service center an UAV industrial gathering place based on North China drove by Beijing Tianjin and Hebei.
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