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Company Introduction:
The UAV Industry Service Professional Committee is an industry-based and non-profit social organization that is composed of enterprises in the UAV industry, upstream and downstream enterprises of the UAV industry chain, and UAV education colleges. The special committee is committed to providing members with comprehensive services such as resource docking, project docking, display platform, product introduction, integration of production and education, policy declaration, and transformation of achievements.

The management agency of the UAV Industrial Service Professional Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Special Committee”) is the Beijing Enterprise Technology Development Research Association. The special committee accepts the supervision and management of the registration management agency and the business guidance of the relevant functional departments and units of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology. There are more than 80 existing group members, including UAV manufacturing enterprises, R&D enterprises, industrial application service enterprises, and industrial enterprises with UAV application needs, UAV-related associations, associations, alliances, and drone education. Colleges and so on.

The main purpose of the committee is:

I. Integration and development of industry resources: provide better living soil for UAV-related enterprises, assist UAV enterprises to connect more upstream and downstream related enterprises, integrate industry resources to save enterprise costs, and broaden enterprise sales channels to increase enterprise revenue. Ability, training and providing talent to ensure the development of the company, while promoting exchanges and cooperation between enterprises.

Second, UAV application scenario expansion: Relying on more than 100 state-owned large-scale enterprise and enterprise members of the Beijing Enterprise Technology Development Research Association, the UAV enterprise with industry service and innovation capability in the UAV industry will jointly discuss It also deeply develops the scope and depth of application of drones in various industries, and provides project docking and resource docking channels to establish a “green channel” for cooperation between drone companies and industry demanders.

Third, the academic achievements of scientific and technological achievements transformation, promote the integration of production, education and research: to provide more opportunities for the relevant research institutions in the drone industry to transform, promote their close cooperation with enterprises, and promote industrial development with scientific and technological progress. Provide guidance and assistance for the school to train drone professionals, help train more industry professionals with excellent professional skills and excellent quality, and assist relevant units and organizations to cooperate in the establishment and application of the “production, study and research” system of the drone industry.

Fourth, enterprise comprehensive services: provide more industry information and policy information for drone companies; provide government and science association project, policy and other reporting channels, and assist enterprises to handle relevant reporting projects.