Company: KDA
Range Category: other
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Booth Number: 2C105
Contact address: 221 Pangyoyeokro, Bundanggu, Seongnamsi, Gyeonggido
company phone: 82-31-746-0025
Homepage: http://
Company Introduction:
Korea Drone Association is an organization established in 2015 to improve drone culture, to cultivate professional personnel, and to expand the influence of drone sports. They produced an application for drone users, titled ‘Ready to Fly’ and released it to the public for free. They also have made an effort on expanding drone culture through publishing Korea’s first drone magazine, donating drones to schools, providing educational courses to students, and hosting drone exhibitions as well as international drone competitions.

DSI is an international alliance of worldwide organizers and developers united to promote the use of drones in sports and to develop the drone sports industry. DSI aims the expansion of a healthy drone sports culture and new business opportunities. The key businesses include research and development of technology in giant drones, hosting drone racing competitions, cultivating professional personnel, and so on. In addition, DSI annually hosts international conferences in order to build a network in the field of drone sports.

<Bonita Air>
Bonita Air’s objective is to change life paradigm by creating innovative products. They are developing batteries with high performance and efficiency as well as sturdy, lightweight, bodies using a new material called Graphene. They are researching and developing products having more than twice of capacity and more than 20% of lightened weight. Following the results, they are planning to develop energy-saving mechanism and its prototype. They also aim at maximizing their influence in domestic economy through transferring the secured technology to a related industry.