Company: Chongqing Efly Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories
Products info:VTOL UAV and UAV Avionics
Booth Number: 2B14
Contact address: 19 yinglong avenue, longxing town, Yubei District, chongqing
company phone: 17830793373
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Company Introduction:
Chongqing yifei zhilian technology co., ltd. is an investment and introduction enterprise of chongqing liangjiang aviation investment group. It entered chongqing from Beijing in November 2016 and settled in liangjiang new area liangjiang aviation industry incubator base. Deeply rooted in the uav industry, with the concept of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"innovation-driven, intelligent and stable navigation\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", the company keeps innovating and making progress in the field of uav industry, provides military-grade high reliability products for industrial applications, and is committed to becoming the top domestic and international leading application products and solutions suppliers in the industry.
Core technology: vertical take-off and landing uav flight control system;
Technology extension: autopilot, image transmission system, photoelectric pod, RTK technology, visual positioning technology, etc
Intelligence: intelligent tracking, airborne AI;
Overall machine: yf-130, a versatile reconnaissance vertical take-off and landing uav, is featured by large weight, long endurance and general purpose.
Yifei zhilian has many years of industrial technology accumulation. At present, most of its employees are young talents, accounting for 67% of those born in the 1990s, 90% of them are professional and technical talents, and 30% of them have a master\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s degree or above. It has the leading talents in the uav industry.