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Company Introduction:
The 2nd World of Drones Congress and Drone Expo will be held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 8 to 10 August 2018. The World of Drones Congress brings together industry and government leaders with drone experts and operators to discuss, display and explore all things drone-related.
Around the world, drones are increasingly being used for a wide range of applications – from data collection to defence, photography to agriculture, and recreational to humanitarian purposes.
Last year’s inaugural World of Drones Congress in Brisbane attracted more than 630 delegates from across the Asia-Pacific and beyond, and featured an extensive conference program, drone expo, tournament and outreach program.
Congress topics include:
- advances in drone technology
- the ‘drone economy’
- industrial and environmental applications
- drone risks, safety and regulation.

The Congress is also home to the National Drone Safety Forum and the Drone Defence Industry Forum, both of which will be presented during the Congress. The Drone Expo at the Congress is an ideal opportunity for companies to reach markets in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.