Company: Zero Tech(Beijing) Intelligence Technology Co. Ltd
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories
Products info:电动垂直起降固定翼无人机,采用四旋翼加飞翼式固定翼的复合气动布局,融合了旋翼的垂直起降和固定翼远航程的优点,机动、灵活,可以适应各种复杂起降环境;采用了三冗余度安全的北极星系列自驾仪,稳定可靠;可支持适配高精度机械增稳系列吊舱系统和航测相机系统,创新的吊舱专属触控终端,降低了对移动目标锁定和追踪的操控难度,在巡查追踪应用中可高效地完成作业任务。
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company phone: 13716952089
Company Introduction:
Founded in 2007 and headquartered in China, ZEROTECH is a provider of smart drones and smart UAVs, with expertise in UAV technologies such as flight controller, gimbals, HD video transmission, CV, binocular, and electronic image stabilization. Committed to its guiding principle, “BE SMART BE INNOVATIVE”, ZEROTECH develops cutting-edge smart drone and smart UAV technologies.

With almost a decade of experience in fixed-wing and multi-rotor smart drones and smart UAVs, ZEROTECH has a track record of developing civil use UAVs. Since the launch of its very first product, the Blue Eagle fixed wing drone, it has developed flight control systems, stabilizing gimbals and expanded into multi-rotor drones for commercial and professional use. ZEROTECH has developed technologies and supplied drones for mapping, security, filming, agriculture, inspection of power lines and scientific research. Its ‘GEMINI’ autopilot system is renowned internationally.

Since 2015, in addition to maintaining its commercial market leadership, ZEROTECH has deepened its efforts in developing products for the consumer market. Partnering closely with international chip maker Qualcomm, ZEROTECH has made remarkable breakthroughs in smart drone technologies. In 2016, it launched pocket-size selfie drone DOBBY, enabling consumers to enjoy pocket-size tech that makes flying fun and easy.