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Products info:Quanfeng Main Products (Drone)3WQF120-12 Intelligent Suspension Plant Protection 3WQFTX-10 intelligent suspension plant protection
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Contact address: Room 104-108, 12 / F, King Fung Block, Dongfeng South Road and Chuangye Avenue, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City
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Company Introduction:
ANYANG QUANFENG AVIATION PLANT PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, short as ANYANG QUANFENG AVIATION, is an Agricultural aviation integrated service provider, we provided several kinds of services including designing, manufacturing, selling plant protection UAVs, UAV pilot training and plant protection regional services. We have been recognized as National High-tech enterprise, science and technology based SMEs in Henan Province, China Agricultural Aviation innovation enterprise etc titles, Our company is the leading army in Agricultural Plant Protection fields and firstly implemented the ISO9001 and 2008 quality management system certifications, also, we have been recognized as the Chairman Unit of the National Aviation Plant Protection Science and Technology Innovation Alliance.ANYANG QUANFENG AVIATION, was founded in 2012, during 4 years company developing vice premier MR Wangyang have been 5 times visiting and viewing our plant protection UAV’s outside field work. After the guide line, Trying to be the New era farmers and turning the cutting edge science and technology into the real power in farming lands , of Vice premier Mr Wang, we have been set up our own R&D group and produced 4 crop protection UAVs, 3WQF80-10、3WQF125-16、3WQF294-40、3WQFDX-10, and launched our new version 3WQF120-12 modular agri-plant protection UAV, and our 20kg,40kg loading high performance agri-plant protection UAV have been put into designing procedure. During 4 years, we have been achieved 11 utility model patents, 1 invention patent, 9 invention patents was under examination list, also, we had won 1 certification of scientific and technological achievement, in this field, we have been reached cooperation with Institute of Cotton Research of CAAS, Chinese academy of Tropical Agriculture Science, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Agricultural University, National agricultural intelligent equipment center, Zhejiang University, Agricultural University Of South China etc, totally 23 institutes and schools. With these partner in science and technology area, Quanfeng has the confidence and mighty to design, manufacture and engineer the next generation civilian agriculture UAVs with higher performance and reliability.

There are some advantages of our group, firstly, we have the design and research strength in agri-prlant aviation protection pesticides, and we still rank high in this fields; secondly, we have founded a institute training pilots specialized in civilian aviation plant protection work, this institute is rare to find in mainland; thirdly, in our group we have cultivated and forged a R&D crew, they have the ability and mighty to design, engineering and innovating; finally, we have been gone through so many tides in China Agriculture Industry, we have already founded the traditional sales network in each layer, so we can achieve the determined goal.

We are standing solidly on the top of China Civilian aviation UAVs plant protection field, taking agricultural aviation vehicle R&D, updating, application and invention as our first priority, taking agricultural UAV pilots training as the breakthrough point, simultaneously, we are constantly working on designating pesticide and agricultural chemicals R&D, via all the mentioned works, we will build up a agricultural plant protection system and platform, via this system, we can solve the following embarrassing problems, such as the rural work force short cutting, human cost soaring etc.

We are cooperating with National Agricultural Tech Extension Service Center, researching & developing agricultural UAV’s Spraying effect and special chemicals in mainland 15 provinces, simultaneously,we have wide cooperation with 15 research institutes, universities in agricultural UAV’s other aspects.

We have build up a professional agricultural plant protection aviation service team, they can provide aviation plant protection service to the farmer and other clients, until now, they have been Henan, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Hebei, Neimeng, etc provinces, collecting tremendous data from the outside fields, also, using these precious field data, we can build up a national plant protection system.

During our group developing ,we have set up Hainan,Anhui, Nanyang sub company, trying to build up the 12h after-sale service circle, following these steps, we will set up several 5s shops in sub-layers working on sales, maintaining, training and provide aviation plant protection services.

Our group delivering safety, concentration, speed, valuable as our business philosophy, concentrate our energy and resources focus on setting up Chinese first agricultural aviation integrated service provider, give a big tech push of Chinese agriculture modernization.