Company: ArduPilot Org.
Range Category: UAV,other
Products info:ArduPilot autopilot software framework for all unmanned vehicles.
Booth Number: 7D34
Contact address: 9 Chaloem Phrakiat Rd Soi 83
company phone: +6627268540
Company Introduction:
ArduPilot is an open source software project focused towards providing Versatile, Trusted and Open systems for autonomous, unmanned vehicles.

Versatile: ArduPilot aims to enable autonomous behaviour in any unmanned vehicle, in any environment. ArduPilot achieves this by:
- Documenting the current compatible controller hardware, vehicle types, and environmental domains that ArduPilot supports and endorses
- Assisting new hardware, novel or different vehicle types, and environmental domains to be added to the ArduPilot codebase
- Actively pursuing the limits of technology.

Trusted: ArduPilot is the most open, most tested, most robust system available for unmanned autonomous vehicles. ArduPilot maintains this by:
- Employing test and validation regimes for all released software, with test processes and results publicly available
- Working with manufacturing Partners to assure appropriate quality of hardware
- Engaging with relevant external agencies, in order to understand and shape requirements and expectations for autonomous systems

Open: ArduPilot supports the development and evolution of open source autonomous technologies, and technologies that support autonomy. ArduPilot achieves this by:
- Providing publicly available source code
- Providing detailed documentation for developers
Working with academia, industry and hobbyists to grow good ideas
- Actively assisting new contributors
- Providing supported, integrated interfaces into associated hardware and software systems