Company: Shenyang Woozoom Technology Co.,Ltd
Range Category: UAV
Products info:“Liao” vector multi-rotor UAV, \"Woozoom\" tandem wing tilt rotor UAV, flight control system.
Booth Number: 7B11
Contact address: No.24, Century Road, Hunnan District, Shenyang
company phone: 024-3126288
Company Introduction:
Woozoom Technology is a high-tech company dedicated to design, developing, manufacturing ,system integration, sales and services of UAV and peripheral products. The company has been dedicating into the UAV field for many years, developed many cutting-edge technologies in the field, obtained many authorized patents. The main products are including a series of flight control systems for different type of UAVs, such as Multi-rotor UAVs, Fixed-wing UAVs and unmanned helicopters. And also have several complete UAV platforms, including Tandem Wing & Tiltrotor UAV, Vector Multi-rotor UAV, Unmanned Chinook helicopter, Unmanned Powered Parachute, UAV data cloud monitoring system, etc. The major applications of the products are including electric power tour inspection, Powerline tour inspection, Surveillance and Security, search and rescue, environmental monitoring, wind power generation, military investigation, forestry tour inspection,etc.