Company: AirMap, Inc.
Range Category: UAV accessories
Products info:The AirMap UTM platform is in manufacturers, with millions of monthly API calls. The AirMap UTM platform consists of the AirMap UTM engines, UTM clients (smartphones, web), developers using the AirMap Public API, and the Airspace Manager Dashboard (AMD).
Booth Number: 7C16
Contact address: 409 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 2A, Santa Monica, CA 90401
company phone: +1 (844) 424-7627
Homepage: http://
Company Introduction:
AirMap’s worldwide low-altitude airspace platform presently supports over one million end users and is designed to scale with the forecasted growth of UAS operations, both in terms of number of operations and sophistication/autonomy. The platform is made available through AirMap’s Software Development Kits (SDK), Application Programming Interfaces (API), iOS Application, Android Application, and Web accessible application. AirMap’s SDK and APIs allow drone manufacturers to connect to and deliver airspace information and services to their end users directly in the flight management software being used to operate the aircraft.
AirMap manufacturer partners DJI, senseFly, Yuneec, Intel, Aeryon Labs, and others have adopted the AirMap platform and deployed these services to millions of end-users globally.
AirMap’s integrations of these services reach more than 85% of commercial and recreational UAS operators worldwide.