Company: Guangzhou TX-Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: UAV
Products info:TXA R-16 \"Rui\" Plant Protection UAV, TXA-616 Plant Protection UAV, TXA-610 XN- Plant Protection UAV
Booth Number: 7A09
Contact address: Building 3, No.383, Panyu Avenue North, Panyu District, Guangzhou City
company phone: 020-31077780
Company Introduction:
Guangzhou TX-Aviation Technology Co. Ltd.(abbr”TXA”) is a technology enterprise that dedicated to the development and application of plant protection UAV industry, focus on agricultural aviation. With more than twenty national patents, products have passed ISO 9001 quality management system certificate . In 2015, TXA was named \"China\'s Agricultural Aviation Industry Integrity Leading Unit\". After more than 3 years of technology accumulation and research test, the company\'s core products include TXA-Xiang Nong Pesticide UAV and Skycam1200 Mapping UAV.Among these.The former product has gone through 500 hours barrier-free work test.
TXA-XN Pesticide UAV has solved the knotty problems in the agriculture pesticide spraying field. With a TXA-XN UAV,the pesticide work is simple and easy, consequently the crop yields has increased.