Company: Chengdu Skylin Technology Co.Ltd
Range Category: UAV
Products info:Plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (V02)
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company phone: 4001177757
Company Introduction:
Chengdu Tianqi science and Technology Co., Ltd. ( is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise with artificial intelligence as its core and provides intelligent integrated agricultural services. It was founded in August 2013, and its headquarters is located in Chengdu national hi-tech zone. The company, adhering to the concept of \"developing agriculture by science and technology\", is committed to serving the advanced science and technology products in agriculture, helping agriculture to plug in the wings of science and technology, and has developed a leading domestic plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle, and has made large-scale input in the industry and made remarkable achievements in the industry.
At present, the operation scope of the Tianqi protection unmanned aerial vehicle covers ten major agricultural provinces in China. It has established subsidiaries in Heilongjiang, Anhui, Yunnan, Sichuan and Henan, and established offices in Shandong, Jiangsu, Jilin, Guizhou, Hainan, Xinjiang and Taiwan in China, and will set up foreign agencies in Japan, Australia and other places.
For a variety of crops such as wheat, rice, rape, corn and other crops in the whole country and part of the country, the innovative technology related to the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the system of plant protection service and the operation scheme are provided. More than 100 terminals have been developed, covering more than 610 mu.
The company has more than 200 leading unmanned aerial vehicle research and development, manufacturing and application personnel, and the China Air Power Research and development center, the Sichuan Agricultural Uniersity, Sichuan agricultural machinery academy, Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other academic and scientific research units to achieve strategic cooperation, application or application of invention patents, utility model patents 100 Remainder。
Based on Sichuan, radiating the whole country and seeing the world, based on agriculture, radiating the people\'s livelihood, looking for the future, based on UAV and looking for artificial intelligence, we can create a new precision agriculture cloud ecology.