Company: Zhuhai Yintong UAV Technology Co., Ltd.
Range Category: UAV
Products info:3WD6-12 is a six-rotors agricultural UAV with a 12kg maximum take-off weight and it can work about 200000 m2/day. With the function of amphibious, GPS and so on. WYT-X6-15B is a six-rotors agricultural UAV,which is can work about 350000 m2/day. With the function of GPS, Beidou star positioning and
Booth Number: 7C03
Contact address: Guangxin Road 299, Pingsha,Jinwan district,Zhuhai City
company phone: 0756-7750048
Company Introduction:
Zhuhai Yintong UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech company, which is specializing in research and development, manufacturing, sales, UAV leasing, UAV training, eppo service. It is located in‘Hot Spring town’Pingsha of Zhuhai city which is a beautiful seaside city. There are RMB 0.3 billion investment, 10000m² land, 20000m² of self-built workshop and 20,000m² of outdoor UAV testing field.
Yintong is listed in Shenzhen Qianhai equity trading center on 10th January 2017.
Yintong was awarded as a vice president of the zhuhai UAV association in July 2017.
Huang Zhangbiao who is the chairman of the company was awarded the president of the council of Zhuhai association in September2017.
Yintong has sales outlets all over the country, and set up the branches successively in Zhuhai, Dongguan, Henan, Shandong, Fujian, Taiwan and other regions.
Yintong has built the strategic co-operation with the Cotton Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Science, Longping Seed Co., Ltd, Beijing University of Technology Zhuhai Institute and many comprehensive large crops.
Yintong has about 40 patents in UAV field, and product were deep in China market.
Yintong obtains the certification of ISO9001 quality management system and GB/T29490 intellectual property management system.

Yintong has always been committed to the agricultural development manufacture of UAV for many years, and the R&D team is the excellent work team in UAV systems research and development.
Now Yintong’s UAV are widely used in corps agent spraying, powder spraying, particle spraying, crop’s information survey, sowing, fertilization and so on.
Yintong is the pilot of China agricultural UAV manufacture, and developed RTK carrier phase difference technology independently.
Yintong agricultural UAV series product with full independent intellectual property rights have been successfully developed by continuous improvement. The main models are 3WD6-12,3WYT-X6-15B,3WYT-X6-45, and all have passed the test of National Center for quality supervision and inspection of plant protection machinery. and the main function of these models with GPS, Beidou star positioning, Cloud platform management, ground station system, manual/automatic AB point widely spraying and independently spraying, autonomous flight, resuming spray, fixed-point hovering, in situ landing, automatic return, battery voltage detection, velocity of flow monitoring, etc.
The company’s vision: Yintong agricultural UAV can popularize and be used widely in every rural villages, and to help the realization of a new modern countryside.