Company: Kushan Huatai Light Aircraft Company
Range Category: UAV accessories
Products info:Our engines give you unrivalled performance in terms of power, weight, efficiency and capability. When you choose an engine you’re getting all the benefits of a Wankel rotary engine – more power, less weight, fewer vibrations – combined with the advantages of our patented SPARCS cooling system.
Booth Number: 7B82
Contact address: 江苏昆山淀山湖航空产业园1号展厅
company phone: 0512-57051676
Company Introduction:
Casaaero was establishment in 1992 for the purpose of related sport aviation research and production. All of the key persons have been involved already had many years of experience in light aircraft industry.

Aircraft assembling and manufacture
After becoming as a leading technology manufacturer at sport aviation fields in China, we have imported exceeds 100 aircrafts for customers as an ordered- assembling and after-services model in last twenty years.

Casaaero has been undertaking to use advanced plundering technology to overcome unstable Sweep forward wing control to develop a 4-seated high-performance light aircraft - “Free Spirit”. The aircraft got a very high appraisal at Oshkosh air show in 1995.

In order to maintain our competitiveness in the electronic age, we use the accurate stress analysis, various kinds of computer structural and 3-D drawing for designs and development of the products.
Carrying our continuous dedication to promote and popularize the sport aviation movement in greater China areas, Casaaero is devoted to up-grade of the capacity in composite structural design & development to offer our clients an innovative composite making technology.

Aircraft Maintenance
Casaaero has a skilled team in handling various aircraft repairs, routine maintenance, and engine overhaul including rotary engine overhaul for UAV.

Metal work
We are familiar with sheet metal construction tech, metal tube- Dacron fabric cloth that are set ting up the production line for the entry level light sport aircraft.

Supply Chain
Casaaero Inc. is also active as the sales agent and dealer for more than 100 aviation related manufactories and suppliers from the world in China.

Those products are various from major one like aircrafts, engines, propellers to smaller accessories and components like avionics instruments, tool aids, screws, paint and wax. We are dedicated to follow three fundamental principles in our operations - “integrity” “innovation” and “satisfaction” to provide a high-quality & competitive products to our customers.

Integrated ERP system

We also integrated ERP and E-commerce systems in recent years. This integration efficiently utilizes enterprise resources to strengthen CRM, product globalization, and ultimately like to become one of the most successfullight sport aviation manufacturing companies in this region.

Future vision

Started from USA and been undertaking the root in China, Casaaero is very much like to navigate and expand the SPORT AVAITION business in China market. By setting up few more affiliated- branches at China, we believe Casaaero will continue to be a trustworthy and reliable business partner to promote and develop in light sport and sport aviation fields for your company (units) in China for a long time.