Company: Wuhan AIbird UAV Co., Ltd
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories,other
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Booth Number: 7B49
Contact address: Wuhan Optical Valley Road Gaoxin Six Road Changzui Industrial Park Innovation Tower C2 Building 3rd Floor
company phone: 027-65381606
Company Introduction:
Wuhan AIbird UAV Co., Ltd. was established in May 2010, is the leading UAV R & D - production - sales of high-tech enterprises. Located in the national mapping of geographic information industry center - Wuhan Optical Valley, the factory area of 1,500 square meters.
Intelligent bird guide \"free control\" UAV control mode has become the industry benchmark, significantly reducing the operation of the UAV more difficult to greatly promote the industry mature and development.

China\'s first commitment to the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping unmanned aerial vehicle technology training and AOPA evidence of UAV enterprises
China\'s first head of the buffer landing UAV enterprises
China\'s first light transmission body line signal transmission of UAV enterprises
China\'s first fixed-wing rotor hybrid aircraft business
China\'s first launch of the two operations, the module disassembly, life 4 hours oil-powered fixed-wing UAV enterprises
The first domestic launch of one person operation, life 2 hours electric UAV enterprises
China\'s first \"hybrid electric hybrid, vertical takeoff and landing\" fixed-wing UAV enterprises