Company: SkyHopper PRO by Mobilicom
Range Category: UAV accessories
Products info:SkyHopper PRO offers a bi-directional data link for commercial and industrial UAVs, and provides the best solution for fleet management, swarm operations and autonomous UAV systems. SkyHopper PRO delivers long-range and non-line-of-sight communication that supports multiple transmission modes.
Booth Number: 7B85
Contact address: HaMetzuda 31
company phone: +972508883214
Company Introduction:
Mobilicom develops and delivers advanced communication systems including the SkyHopper family of bi-directional Data Links for Commercial & Industrial UAVs and robotics. With versatile network topologies and a large product portfolio, Mobilicom caters to every deployment and project scope from small to large scale with the highest flexibility, reliability and mobility in the market.
Mobilicom's product portfolio is fully designed and developed in-house and relies on extensive know-how and experience gained by leading communication system development worldwide. This enables the Company to design and develop every component of its solutions and technology while constantly adjusting to the ever changing needs and challenges of UAV communication. With this in mind, every aspect and component of our portfolio allows for the utmost flexibility and scalability.