Company: Shenzhen Aero Sunfly Technology Co.,Ltd.
Range Category: UAV
Products info:Precision 10、Precision 30;R6P-S1
Booth Number: 7C60
Contact address:
company phone: 0755-83995158
Company Introduction:
Aero Sunfly is one of the Chinese leading companies for industrial UAV and autopilot System designing, developing and manufacturing.
Since founded in 2014, Aero Sunfly has never stopped exploring the uncharted territories. With pure and consistent invention, we have made a significant breakthrough in agricultural UAV sectors, obtaining numerous of technology patents through years of effort. Aero Sunfly is based in Hightech Park,Shenzhen, powered by hundreds of innovative developers and domestic sales network.
Through continuous technological development, marketing practices and firsthand experience, we have achieved significant milestones on manufacturing reliable and professional aerial solutions. Our core product AS X series, Multitask Weatherproof drone System, has utilized the most sophisticated drone manufacturing technology with the most advanced materials available. AS X Series is no longer a simple standalone aircraft, now it is a complete Unmanned Aerial System which can specialize in the fields of security surveillance, fire & rescue, environmental protection, low-altitude logistics, remote sensing mapping and any aerial missions that you could imagine.