Company: Beijing Shining Technologies Co. Ltd.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories
Products info:XF-FC1xx fix-wing, XF-FC2xx helicopter XF-FC3xx rotors XF-FC4xx fix-wing by vertical taking-off and landing XF-FC5xx gyroplane
Booth Number: 2B151
Contact address: Room 220, Dongda Office Building, No. 13 Luozhuangxili, Zhichun Road, Haidian District , Beijing
company phone: 010-82317078
Company Introduction:
Beijing Shining Technologies Co. Ltd is a high technical company developing and manufacturing following products:
 Advanced Integrated Measurement and Navigation System
 AUTO-Flight Control System of UAV
High-level research team, multiple self-developed patents, rigid processing line are three characters of our company. Micro measurement and navigation system is suitable for portable equipment, motion compensation for airborne imaging sensors, military ammunition, UAV, road vehicle as well as boat; AUTO-Flight control system is able to automatically manipulate the following models of UAVs: fix-wing, helicopter, rotors, fix-wing by vertical taking-off and landing, as well as gyroplane.
We look forward to collaborating with you in the prosperous future!