Company: GuangDong Chengjin technology co.,ltd.
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories,other
Products info:UAV applications + big data
Booth Number: 7C84
Contact address:
company phone: 0760-88820830
Company Introduction:
The company was established in 2007, is a set of system integration, software independent research and development, monitoring system installation, UAV applications + big data, electronic screen display, network engineering installation and other projects as one, through the government identified high-tech enterprises. At the same time the company also for the wisdom of the city\'s intelligent transportation to provide professional technical support. The company has many years of industry experience, in the UAV application and system development, hardware development, software development, publicity, sales, maintenance services and management, and so has a professional core team.
The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, access to a security qualification, Trade and Industry Bureau awarded the contract re-credit title, and made the national industrial and information sector issued by the computer information system integration qualification, access to the building intelligent Two qualifications, as well as a number of software copyright and patents and so on.