Company: Rotrasat Technology Co., LTD
Range Category: UAV,other
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Booth Number: 7C45
Contact address: No.968 East Tongfeng Road, ETDZ, Kunshan 215302, Jiangsu, China
company phone: +86 512 5017 6688
Company Introduction:
ROTRASAT Technology Co., LTD, the joint venture between ROTAM Group and GEOSAT Aerospace & Technology Inc., was founded in January 2017 setting sail for the new era of smart agriculture through aerospace technology and will replace the traditional way of farming in the future.
ROTRASAT has its unique advantages. ROTAM Group has set life sciences as the core business, focused on pesticide chemical field, with first-class pesticide formulations research and development capabilities, a strong agricultural technology database and the worldwide sales network. GEOSAT is a professional UAV manufacturer with aerospace technology background, powerful image recognition, big data acquisition and processing technology. It also has excellent abilities of artificial intelligence, UAV products with better duration and payload and spatial information technology. In these two powerful forces, ROTRASAT which is “precise”, “fast” and “smart” has integrated all-round resources to carry out the relevant agricultural services and strive to become a model of smart precision agriculture. ROTRASAT aims to be the leader of “global aviation plant protection”.