Company: C & L industries Co., Ltd
Range Category: UAV,UAV accessories
Products info:Carbon fiber UAV and accessories
Booth Number: 0-,7-7D33
Contact address:
company phone: 0769 3336 5168
Company Introduction:
C&L Industries Co., Ltd. is a professional Carbon Fiber Application Production & Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer
(CFRP) Composites Application Company. It has been established over 3 years, the gross blockage factor building
area of our factory is more than 3000 square meter and our capacity can reach 10k piece for small parts and 5k
piece for Big parts per month. We have our own tooling and molding shop with several advanced CNC machines,
providing a complete solution from Design, Development, Manufacture, packing and shipping the finished product
to meet your requirements. We focus on new materials technology, Carbon Fiber Product manufacturing, New Material
Industry Application, Production Solution Services; Specialized in Sporting Goods Manufacturing, Deformed parts
Development in Car Parts, Motor Parts, Building Reinforced Material Production, etc.