Company: Topotek (Beijing) Technology Co.,Ltd
Range Category: UAV accessories,other
Products info:10x,18x,20x,30x,36x optical zoom camera, gimbal, UAV pod, thermal video + zoom camera, Intelligent video process inside zoom camera.
Booth Number: 7C35
Contact address: Room 909, Unit 1,building 3,Beiqing road NO.1, changping district,Beijing,China
company phone: 010-57147023
Company Introduction:
Topotek (Beijing) focus on the zoom camera developing for UAV, It has product about 10x,18x,20x,30x,36x optical zoom camera and gimbal .Topotek also has the dual light camera with thermal plus zoom camera, display in picture in picture. Intelligent video process base on the zoom feature: Human face capture, move following, object recognition, car number recognition, auto alarm.