Range Category: UAV
Products info:police intelligent unmanned reconnaissance helicopter is an unmanned aircraft manipulated by the radio robot and self-contained program-control devices.
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Contact address: 北京市海淀区上地三街9号嘉华大厦D座1102室
company phone: 010-82824357
Company Introduction:
BOYA YING-JIE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (Stock abbreviation: BOYA YING-JIE, Stock code: 430082) is a national new high-tech enterprise with the golden shield engineering construction qualification of Ministry of Public Security, military secret-level secrecy qualification, national industrial products production license for its IC card and IC card read-write devices, ISO-9001 certification, the national information security management system certification, computer system integration qualification, security engineering qualification and other enterprise qualifications; it is among the supplier lists of the procurement catalogs of the Bureau of Loading Goods of Ministry of Public Security and the PLA general logistics department; it is the designated production enterprise of read-write devices of resident ID card of Ministry of Public Security and the long-term cooperation enterprise of household management research center of Ministry of Public Security; it is the one and only domestic patented high-tech company that organically combines China\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s practical law with the current most advanced computer technology, the cloud computing technology of Internet of things, Compass positioning communication technology, intelligent robot technology, biometric identification technology (DNA, iris, fingerprints, digital finger veins, and facial feature matching) and wireless communication technology and applies them in the fields of informatization of public security management, military informatization, civil informatization, social security protection and smart city construction.