Exhibition Information

Date:Jun 20-22, 2019 (Annually)
Venue:Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Hall 7 & 8 ), China
Exhibition Area:15000 m2
Exhibitor:Over 300+ exhibitors from over 16 countries
Visitor:Over 15000 professional visitors


Current Events
1. China Police Helicopter and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Innovation Application Forum 2018

2.China Agricultural Aerial Vehicle Development Forum 2018 

3.China Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Control Technical & Airport Security Forum 2018 

4. China International Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Forum 2018

5.China Geographic Mapping Drone Technology Forum 2018


Exhibit Scope:


1 综合.png

Target Drones, Police UAV, Agriculture Plant Protection UAV, Traffic Control UAV, Maritime UAV, Emergency Rescue UAV, Fire UAV, Aerial Drones, Mapping UAV, Border Patrol Drones, Environment Detection UAV, Conservancy UAV, Power Patrol Drones, Earthquake Relief UAV, Fisheries UAV, Unmanned Helicopter, etc.



2 无人系统.png

Unmanned System: MAV, UUV, Unmanned Boat, Unmanned Vehicles, UAV, Unmanned Powered Parachute Aircraft, Robot Aircraft


3 材料.png

Application of New Materials: 3D Manufacturing, Graphene Technology, Carbon Fibre Composite Materials, Coating, Precision Metal Processing Technology

4 控制导航.png

Control / Navigation Categories: Navigation and Positioning equipment (GPS GNSS Gyro Inertial Navigation Magnetometer), Beidou Navigation Chip, Automatic Control Systems, Autopilot, Flight Control Computer, Flight Control Software and Hardware, Simulation System, Speed Measurement Equipment, Control Simulation System, Virtual Visual System and Steering Servo, etc.


5 任务载荷.png

Payload Categories: HD Monitoring Equipment, Image Transmission System, Infrared Night Vision Equipment, Laser Ranging, Panoramic Camera, Multifunction Optical Stabilization Platform, Infrared Scanner, LLL TV Camera, Framing Camera, Air Video Recorder, Aperture Radar, Photoelectric Sensor Pod, Electronic Warfare Payload, etc.


6 能源动力.png

Energy / Power Categories: Power Supply, Engine, Motor, Lithium Battery, Hydrogen-powered Fuel Cell, Propeller, Gearbox, Electronic Fuel Control, etc.

7 通信及数据链技术.png

Technology of Communications and Data Link: Wireless Link, Satellite Digital Data Link Transmit, Ground Control Station, Equipment Vehicle, Receiver, Transmitter, Communication Systems, Microwave Transmission, Airborne Equipment, Repeaters, etc.

8 发射与回收.png

Launch and Recovery Categories: Emitting device, Launcher, Recycling Umbrella, Blocking Resistance, Recovery Systems, Automatic Takeoff and Landing Systems, Brake Systems, Shock Absorbers and Other Systems and Equipment, etc.

9 行业服务.png

Industry Services: UAV Training Institutions, Talent Pilots Agency, Pilot Training Software Developers, Financial Investment Institution, Insurance Service Investment, System Integration Solution Provider, Projects Publication & Communication Events, Press Conference, Various Flight Simulator, Various UAV Books and Magazines, etc.




Booth Fee

Exhibition Hall

9m2(3m×3m)Standard Booth

9m2(3m×3m)Raw Space

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
$2400  $2150 

Turban exhibition uses 12m2 of standard booths. including three panels, two chairs, two spotlights, a 220V / 10A power supply, carpet and fascia board.
Raw place is not equipped with any device.
The registration deadline is May 31, 2018. The organizer is responsible for the unified overall layout of the exhibition hall while the exhibitor is responsible for the inside arrangement of the booth. For other services, please refer to the Exhibitor Manual.
Please ask the organizers committee for the floor plan and exhibitors manual. More information please contact: overseas_market@cps.com.cn


 Package of standard booth